Our team believes in building respectful, trusting, and long-lasting relationships with our clients

About HPCC:

Hampden Park Capital & Consulting (HPCC) is a nationally recognized capital provider and housing consultant that assists mission driven organizations in developing and operating an array of innovative housing and financing solutions. We are committed to delivering premier professional services and ongoing support, allowing our clients to successfully provide individuals with affordable, secure, and enriched living environments. Our focus is on assisting organizations that primarily serve low-income seniors. We are able to offer clients a seamless “one-stop shop” transition from our housing consultant services to our FHA insured mortgage banking services. We are proud to have provided housing and/or financing services to over 12,000 units dedicated to low-income seniors all across the country.


To create and preserve affordable housing in partnership with mission driven organizations.


A world in which everyone lives in a comfortable, safe, and stable home.


Mission Driven: We passionately pursue our purpose of creating and preserving affordable housing. We measure our success based on the fulfillment of this mission, not on the number of transactions we close.

Team Oriented: Our company culture is defined by comradery, professionalism, mutual respect, and a healthy dose of humor. Collaboration is key to each project we work on. We are honored to serve as a part of our clients’ teams.

Integrity: We always strive to do what’s right, not what’s easy. We are committed to complete honesty. We take responsibility for what we do and when we do it and are accountable to our clients and ourselves.

Client Focused: We are committed to our clients and their unique missions and goals. We guide each client with clear communication and personalized support to ensure they are equipped to make the right choices for their organization.

Humility: We believe in putting the team before oneself. We listen to others and take their points of view into consideration. We are curious and always looking to learn. When success is earned, we recognize the contributions of each team member and our business partners.