Naren Dhamodharan


Naren has extensive experience in the affordable senior housing industry, specifically in the area of developing assisted living programs, policies and properties.  Prior to establishing Hampden Park Capital & Consulting, Naren served as the Director of Housing and Supportive Services at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Elder Affairs.  Under his direction, the Executive Office of Elder Affairs developed a successful affordable assisted living model in existing senior housing communities.  During Naren’s tenure, the Executive Office of Elder Affairs received the prestigious John Gunter Blue Ribbon “Best Practice” award from the Department of Housing and Urban Development for developing a successful national model of affordable assisted living.  Additionally, Naren was instrumental in promoting assisted living legislation and developing assisted living regulations, which fostered the growth of the assisted living industry in Massachusetts. Naren has a Masters of Social Sciences from Boston College and is a board member of Glenmeadow Senior Living and Retirement Services in Longmeadow, MA.

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